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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

How to Market a Government

Though I thoroughly despise the Bush administration and most issues that they stand for, I honestly have to applaud their unbeleiveable marketing skills. What matters most in elections nowadays is how a candidate and administration is packaged. A candidate is simply a product that we are buying. This is not at all surprising being that we live in the most intensely consumer oriented environment in the entire world.
This past election was simply two products that we had to choose between. When we look on the shelf we look at their package and their ingredients. Bush's packaging was all related to very palpable images that all Americans, no matter how well-educated could understand. It dealt with (the lack of) gay men having sex and fetuses being murdered. Kerry's packaging however, dealt with much more abstract issues such as deficits, social security and budgets. These concepts are not quite as easy to grasp. A picture I draw is one box showing apples and bananas and the other box showing quadratic equations. Since people don't really understand these quadratic formulas, they really can't understand their impact. Since people don't quite understand deficits and the economics of the system, they really don't feel comfortable choosing that product. However, they sure as hell know what apples, bananas, gay men and aborted babies are!

How to win the next election - Put together a great marketing team, pick a decent product and sell the hell out of it to this very malleable audience.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Back again

Seems like it has only been a few hours and here I am pounding away at my keyboard again. I think my problem is that I originally thought that this could be some real cool blog, real artsy and thoughtful. People would visit from all over the world and they would be thoroughly impressed. However, I will have no part in that fake bullshit. This will be my public area to let my thoughts flow. It will resemble a brick wall on which I can apply my thoughts.
Anyhow, I won't completely bore all readers with an electronic out pouring of my random thoughts and insane mental bursts. I really do think that I am ever so slightly autistic. I will go into that later on though. Live life my dear friends.

The first

Well, This is the beginning of my world of blogging. Who knows where this is going to lead to? I think I might be placing my ego on the line - I might have to hang my head and weep if no one were to ever read my blog. But damn, if that isn't a negative way to start a blog than I don't know what is!

So what is my life like nowadays? I am 26 and have a 9 month old daughter with my girlfriend. Couldn't really imagine myself in this situation 2 years ago, but BAM! Here I am and here is me! I just hope that that wonderful child of mine comes out to be a decent, loving human. I'm sure she will.

One thing for damn sure is that I will be plugging my band on this blog. No, indeed that is not selfish, it is informative dissemination of good music is what it is!! please do vacation

Anyhoo - til later my dear friends

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